Thursday, September 06, 2007

Skip To The End

30th August - with Juxtaposeur and Special Guest Parasite (Death$ucker/Toxic Dancehall/GoatLab/DSWAT). Skip to the End is recorded in front of a live audience on the last Thursday of every month at 9pm.

Download the show!

Intro / Osymyso - Spaced Jam
Luke Vibert - Controlling Transmission
Pirate Soundsystem - Love Jump
Ian Fondue - Edit!
Commercial Break (Beatbox Sabateurs)
Modeselektor - Boomkat Selected Mixtapes Volume 4 (excerpt featuring Si Begg, Steve Reich, Juri Hulkonen)
Feature Cast - Exceptionally Raw Stuff (mix excerpt featuring Tracy Chapman, Stone Roses, Beastie Boys)
Commercial Break (Beatbox Sabateurs + Kid Carpet)
Cassetteboy - William IV
Amen Andrews - Fear
Plug - The Maker of All
Gangstarr - Just to Get a Rep
Rotator - Dancehall Devastation
Mary Ann Hobbs (exert from the Breezeblock Show)
DJ C - Who Wah Seek Yo
Yo Gabba Gabba
Soundbites (live at Goatlab)

Parasite mix:

Johnny Clash - K Anthem
DJ Floorclearer - Suffering
Pisstank - Punching
Eustatian - Styx Remix
Dev/Null - Big Boring Bass
Pisstank - Bassbins
Acrnym - Sexx Pimp
Electromeca - Brutal Funk
Johnny Clash - Movement
Electromeca - 202

Rockabye Baby - Close to You