Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Call For Gusset Photos!!!

from Dan Gusset:

In other Death$ucker news I had a chat with Armin over the weekend and we've finally slated a release date for the Gusset remix album that was now been THREE YEARS in the making. This September you will see a bargain priced CD of remixes from Gusset's Skidmark CD-R release (last few left on dSWAT). Ask Dr Kim – clever anagram, see? – will feature remixes from The Teknoist, Shitmat, Jason Forrest, Parasite, Binary, Atki2,, m||m, Hoonboy, Twocsinak and more!

We gave up on the slutty nurse photoshoot idea due to budget restrictions (ie, £0). So instead we will be making a collage of gusset photos. Please send photos of your gusset to: gusset[at] You don’t have to be wearing the item, just pose your pants and snap away. Photos will be used under a CC licence and you will get a credit in the artwork. You won't get paid mind, but you get the satisfaction of being able to point and say;

"Check this; that's my gusset on that album cover."
"Get away!" your friends will say.
"No really, look, my name’s on the 'thanks' inside, here," points.
"You magnificent bastard!" they will declare...

Submission deadline is 1st September 2007!!!

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