Thursday, September 09, 2010

Goatlab Radio - DSC Special (Stivs & Ed Cox)

english-bull-terrier dscrew copy

Hold tight people and get ready for an hour of fresh DSC music. For those unfortunate few who have never heard of DSC, Stivs or Ed Cox, you’re in for a real treat! To sumarise:

“THE DOG SHIT CREW, THAT’S A RUGGED CREW!” said mr. key 2007,pritty much explains it, dog faeces. born in the mean streets ov romsey town in the year ov the dog 82 ,the crew whose soul existance revolves around dog shit…watch this space as the dog shit crew come out ov the gutter and onto your computer.

DSC have a vinyl out on Death$ucker and Life4Land called The DSC EP, they also have an EP on Kingdom, both dancefloor killers. Stivs has a 7 inch single coming out on his new label Bomba Cut Recordings which is a joint release with Death$ucker Records, and both Ed Cox and Stivs will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn.

Listen/Download the show here: Goatlab – DSC Special


  1. DSC – sherlock Dub
  2. DSC – Mashstep
  3. DSC – It’s a pity (gay remix ft. Nina)
  4. DSC – Say My Name
  5. Stivs – Babylon goulstep RMX
  6. DSC – Kingston RMX
  7. DSC – let me see the nozle (ft. Daddy Freddy)
  8. DSC – The 13th der collectiv fire rmx (ft.Demolition Man an avi)
  9. DSC – Staby stab stab (ft. Dirty Dike)
  10. DSC – Respect
  11. DSC – Herbalist rmx
  12. DSC – Pirates choice
  13. DSC – Burn down the system rmx
  14. DSC – As i rise (ft. Demolition Man)
  15. Junglefever + Stivs – Fat Ting
  16. Junglefever + Stivs – Money Money
  17. DSC – Talk Out Loud (ft.Deadly Hunter)
  18. DSC – I was born rmx

Friday, July 02, 2010

Goatlab Radio - July Summer Heat

July Summer Heat

New Goatlab Radio show online, with fresh tunes from Bong-Ra, FFF, Electromeca, JungleFever & Stivs, Venetian Snares and more...

  1. Vuvuzela Time
  2. Bong Ra – Zion (Clash)
  3. Isis von Spices – Though a Cat’s Eyes Darkly (WEFT)
  4. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends – Opa! (Greek Eurovision entry)
  5. Shane O ‘Donovan – CFRmx2 (Kaboogie)
  6. Bristol Hum
  7. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Variations for Oud & Synthesizer (Version Aubéré 1) (no label)
  8. FFF – Maniac (Murder Channel)
  9. Higgs Boson – God particle signal is simulated as sound
  10. 999 Rapper vs Gusset
  11. Venetian Snares – Absolute Posers
  12. Andrei Tarkovsky – Solaris (showing at Tha Arnolfini soon)
  13. Minty – That’s Nice (Sugar) (Gusset mix)
  14. Junglefever & Stivs – Fat Ting (Death$ucker / Bomba Cuts)
  15. Solar Beat (White Vinyl Design)
  16. Electromeca – Uprock (Beat Yo Ass) (addictech)

Friday, May 07, 2010

DSR34 Krumble 12" Digital Download Available Now!


Artist: Krumble
Title: Autobahn / Bass Line Vision
Format: 12″ vinyl & MP3
Released: January 2010
Quantity: 500

Krumble (aka The Disco Breaker) returns to Death$ucker for an assault on the senses. “Autobahn” is a drum ‘n’ bass tearout with the deepest synth bassline you’re ever likely to hear. It’s been getting plenty of requests and heaps of playouts by label boss Parasite. On the flip “Bass Line Vision” delivers the chopped amen madness we’ve come to love from Krumble, on this older but as yet unreleased track.


A. Autobahn
AA. Bass Line Vision

To purchase the new Krumble EP click here DSR34