Monday, October 20, 2008 MASSIVE VINYL SALE!!!

Well here it is...the awesomely massive DSWAT vinyl sale!!! With vinyl releases going for as little as £1!!! Get in there quick as these titles won't be there for long! Sale ends 1st November 2008!!!

I've just heard from the pressing plant and DSR31 DJ Rainbow Ejaculation LP is now on the press and will be with us on Wednesday!!! Wooohooo! All of you who pre-ordered a copy will have their orders dispatched on Wednesday. And for those of you who haven't ordered it yet:

Also be sure to download the latest Goatlb Radio Show for October 2008 from the all-new singing and dancing Goatlab website:


Monster Zoku Onsomb! - 24 Oct 2008 - Madrid, Spain

Stivs - 24 Oct 2008 - Sydney, Australia

Stivs - 25 Oct 2008 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Monster Bass - Saturday 25 Oct 2008 - The Black Swan, Bristol UK
Ruffneck Diskotek and Fire! join forces to bring you The Bug & Warrior Queen, Monkey Steak, Murderbot, and so much more! It's gonna be heavy!

Monster Zoku Onsomb! - 31 Oct 2008 - Lisbon, Spain

Monster Zoku Onsomb! - 1 Nov 2008 - Helsinki

The Regime - Friday 7 Nov 2008 - The Volks, Brighton UK
The Teknoist and Parasite mash it up with guests The Fez and residents.

Monster Zoku Onsomb! - 8 Nov 2008 - Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria

Twilight of the Tiki - Saturday 22 Nov 2008 - The Black Swan, Bristol UK
Wisp, X&trick, Machine Boi, Parasite and others hit the dutty bird for an all-out rinse-fest!

Riot’s Birthday Bash - Friday 28 Nov 2008 - ’T Steegske, Ghent, Belgium
Parasite heads up the birthday bash with Xanopticon and many many locals and residents!!!

New Releases!!!

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - LP £9.00

I:Gor - Sparta - 12" £6.50

Noize Creator - 12 Long Hours / Part Of The Dead - 12" £6.00

The Eerier Child - A Blade In The Dark EP - 12" £6.50

Itchy Ears - Parasite's Blog:
The Goatlab:
Bristol Breakcore Scene Blog:

Saturday, October 11, 2008 New Releases 11 Oct 2008

For those of you in the United States or Europe, this is a great time to palce an order with DSWAT! The weak value of the UK pound means that records are gonna cost you a whole lot less than they did a few months ago! On the flip side, anything we import from out of the UK is costing us a little bit more, so you might see some slight price increases on overseas releases. As always we will continue with our mission: to offer you the freshest tunes at the lowest possible prices!

New in this week we have the Damage 12" by Broken Note and the RUFF08 by Broken Note & Starkey!!! Solid tracks from one of London's up and coming hard-break producers. There's still a copy of Animosity & Drumcorps - Altered Beat 10" to be won!!! Download the latest Goatlab Radio Show for details!!!

Also if you haven't seen it yet...

- This short documentary takes a look at the emerging Breakcore music scene and its battle with copyright. Features artists such as Parasite, Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest), Rotator, Bong Ra, Kovert, DJ Ripley, Knifehandchop, Anarchic Hardrive and Public Enemy.


For a wide-reaching list of gigs, check out the Death$ucker MySpace: - Monster Zoku Onsomb and Stivs are on tour in europe and the far east respectively!!!

For the locals.....

[dissident] - Saturday 11 Oct 2008 @ Lakota, Bristol
Big tings at Lakota with a huge lineup including Phace, Gridlock, Klute, Milanese and King Cannibal!! £9 advance, £10 on the door!

Drum Disciples - Saturday 18 Oct 2008 @ Black Swan, Bristol
Dylan, I:GOR, Robyn Chaos and Hammer Damage at the dutty bird, with a 3 way graffiti battle and projection wall!! £5 b4 11/ £8 after!

New Releases!!!

Broken Note vs. Starkey - War In The Making / No Struggle - 12" £6.50

Broken Note - Fueling The Fire EP - 12" £6.50

Noah D Feat. Anthony B - Good Sound (Benny Page Remix) - 12" £6.50

Serial Killaz - Killa Klash / Ghetto Yout - 12" £6.50

V/A - Mutagen - 12" £7.50

Hellfish & The Speed Freak - Ganjasex Remixes - 12" £7.00

12th Planet / Skream - Control (Skream / O.G. Mixes) - 12" £7.00

DJ Hidden / Eye-D & Squee - Faust Pact / Caffeine Overdose 97 - 12" £7.50

V/A - Semaphore: Trans-Cultural Mapping: Dunkerque 2004 - CD £5.00

Still Fresh!!!

Pencilbreak Book - A Graphicore Compilation £23.00

Pacheko - Tryouts (Cardopusher Remix) / Bi-polar Bear - 12" £6.50


Broken Note - Dubversion / Mortal Bass - 12" £6.50

Cardopusher - Red Red Blood - 12" £6.50

Line 47 / Bop / Throttler / Mendelayev - Alphacut 008 - 12" £6.50

Cakebuilder - Feeding The Worms - 12" £6.50

Congo Natty - Most Wanted Vol. 1 - 5x12" £22.00

Krak In Dub - Rastaman / King In This Jungle - 12" £7.00

Diamond Geezer / J Bostron - Pussyhole Dub - 12" £6.50


Droon - Gluttons vs Bingers - 12" £12.00

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Monday, October 06, 2008

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation

Cock Rock Disco and Death$ucker Records presesnts DJ Rainbow Ejaculation's debut album!!!

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation is an alias of Australian experimental producer/cut-n-paste artist/trickster Guy Sterling, also responsible for such projects as Rank Sinatra and 777?. His DJ Rainbow Ejaculation persona focuses on the cutting and mangling of hardcore mainstays into the best gay pride anthems around...

Also check out the full colour artwork by Sish-Tick!


A1. Hot Schlong Intro
A2. At Numerous Discos On Any Given Night
A3. HotCockFromAcid (DJ Anal Errection Baltimore Breaks Remix)
A4. In The Forrest Of Perfect Penis
A5. Ain't Workin This Summer
A6. Midi Chin Chin
A7. Gabbagititintaya
A8. Hangin' Low
A9. Rough Trade
A10. Local Beat Action

B1. Feel Good Beard Cut Up
B2. Ronald McShitmat's Two Room Circus
B3. Billy Bob
B4. Sometimes When I'm Raving I Dunno If I'm Comin Or Goin
B5. Oxford St. Dentist
B6. Allmygaysarefriendsodetotheblueoysterrainbow (Maladroit Remix)
B7. Homanjae2
B8. Aninal Fantasy Cut Up
B9. Arsehole Rainbow
B10. Gay Pride Outro

Order now @!


DJ Rainbow Ejaculation's Homepage
DJ Rainbow Ejaculation's MySpace