Friday, January 19, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

Big new releases from Death$ucker's Bong-Ra on the Ad Noiseam label this week; the "Sick Sick Sick" 12inch is pure metal breakcore bliss! If you've had the pleasure of seeing Bong-Ra in action recently, you'll be familiar with his awesome remix of Slayer called "Slaytronic" with guitar riffs dropping at 240 bpm!!! Also out on the same label is the "Kill Tour" EP featuring Bong-Ra and Enduser on vinyl and CD. Bong-Ra and Enduser are currently on tour in Europe, check the dates! Dross:tik (C64's label based in Toronto) has just released the mighty Crossroads EP featuring Venetian Snares (dropping some heavy junglism!), Cakebuilder, Belladonnakillz and an Electromeca remix of Unitus. Not to be missed!!!

DJ Chucky / DJ Technorch / Warst - Maddest Chick'N Dom #1 - 12" £6.50
Reissue of tracks from Warst and DJ Chucky's label called Maddest Chick'N Dom from Osaka, Japan!! They are sort of a greatest hits from their label, and trust me, these records are super-fucking major party gabba style!! This is the first of 4...ultimate dancefloor annihilation guaranteed!!! Don't miss this!!!

Coming Next Week!!!
Krumble - Jungle Therapy 15 - 12" (Jungle Therapy)
Current Value / DJ Gis - The Forbidden Room / Inner Demons 12" (Intransigent)
Current Value / Dub One - Cry Of War / Deathwish - 12" (Soothsayer)
Current Value / Infamy - Spektrum Transmission / Trial Of Tears VIP (Soothsayer)

Tonight! Monkey! Knife! Fight! with Knifehandchop and Drop The Lime @ Thekla, Bristol UK. Check for details!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monkey Steak in da house!

If I'd been a member of Monkey Steak, I would've been shitting myself at that point - I mean, how do you follow that?! But with their usual easy-going nonchalance, Atki 2 and Hanuman wasted no time in taking us a whole other strange trip. I try to catch these two in action at least every six months, and each time you can be sure the set will be almost completely unrecognisable from the last time, not just the tracks, but changes in overall emphasis too. This was easily the most wide-ranging, far-reaching set I've witnessed to date. Hanuman's interest in ethnic & world music is increasingly coming to the fore, but they're also mounting a full-on 2-Step revival, filled with lashings of euphoric synth, breathy ghost-whispers of female chanteuses and blurred, oscillating trumpet-loops that put me in mind of Terry Riley's "Poppy Nogood". They're taking vocal aceppalas from Flow Dan and Joanna Newsom and forcing them to co-exist in a new mutually compatible environment, and they're skanking out with Junior Mervin in a righteous dubzone. Like Bass Clef, it's about serious music, but also about having a wild party, with a big grin on it's face. Monkey Steak were always on their own circular orbit, but now it's like they're constructing their own galaxy, built on a sublow foundation, where anything and everything can happen. Surely 2007 is the year they get to make an album...? (gig review by Gutterbreakz)

Monkey Steak "Electric Birdland" EP is out now on Death$ucker Records.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's A New Year Folks!!!

Welcome to 2007!!! Hope you all had a wicked xmas and NYE. I've been busy filing my Tax return, doing some freelance sound recording and design, and preparing for the onslaught of Death$ucker releases that are gonna hit the dancefloor in the coming months...but more news on that later ;)

At DSWAT we've had big re-stocks from Peace Off and Sozialistischer Plattenbau, plus some quality new releases; a new Duran Duran Duran 12" Blow Job Breaks on Mutant Sniper, a blinding debut double LP release from Brighton's Dr. Bastardo, the awesome Pink Ponies vs Blue Bytes 7" (featuring LXC, Error23 and Lords of Gabber!) and an experimental 12" from Itty Minchesta called Evergreens From the Walkmen Sect. The final installment of Doormouse's I "Heart" music series lands on Addict Records and well as the Society Suckers' new 12" on Alphacut inna hard drum and bass sytle. Also worth checking out are some re-presses of classic Krumble material on Jungle Therapy including his first ever vinyl release!!! old-skool jungle flava!!! There's new Current Value releases outon promo on Soothsayer and Lost Souls worth a listen as well as the new Deadsilence vs Ray Keith 12". Check out the shop for all the goodies. Right, I'm off to do a new GoatLab radio show...