Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three New Death$ucker Releases Out Now!!!

Death$ucker has been busy these last few months with a succession of gigs and a string of releases. But now the hard work pays off with the arrival of three brand-spanking new releases by some of the freshest producers within the breakcore scene. First up is D$R21 Acrnym - Bone Structure - 12"; a hard-hitting, gabba fest debut 12" spanning 5 tracks from Scotland's finest. Next up is D$R23 DJ C - Sonic Weapons EP - 12"; digital ragga, post-jungle tracks and big riddims with a really distinctive and personal's heavy, bouncy and perfect party music! And finally D$R25 Pisstank - Ravecore Anthems - 12"; delivers a solid ravecore anthem, melting happy hardcore with gabber kicks and amen licks...lightas at the ready…this one has been ripping up dancefloors on dubplate for a year now, and finally gets unleashed on the world. D$R25 is also a joint release with the Cock Rock Disco label!

Artist: Acrnym
Title: Bone Structure
Cat: DSR21
Release Date: 7/05/07

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Acrnym is 21-year-old Calum Gunn from Glasgow in Scotland. He's been making noises with computers since about 1995 or something, but finally took it seriously in 2004. He's had 2 CDR releases on Bad Boxr and 2 digital download EP's on the NorthAmericanHardcore net label: NAHC087 and NAHC066, and has just signed a deal with Sublight Records of Canada to release a full-length CD album due out in April 2007, and a 12" on Bong-Ra's Kriss Records later this year! This is his first vinyl release!


A1. Sexx Pimp
A2. What's Up Buttercup?
B1. Asbo Selecta
B2. Alan Coleslaw
B3. Owner

Artist: DJ C
Title: Sonic Weapons EP
Cat: DSR23
Release Date: 7/05/07

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DJ C continues to drop his mashed up mix of hip-hop, bashment, grime, bounce, jungle, rock, folk, bhangra, dub-step and just about everything else at parties, clubs, and events worldwide.

In 2003 he began the Mashit record label with a 12-inch featuring one of his rough-and-rugged-ragga tracks along-side an Aaron Spectre remix. It sold out within weeks of it's release. The next 5 Mashit 12-inches also featured DJ C material, and they've been killing dance-floors and airwaves across the globe. Legendary BBC Radio One host John Peel (R.I.P.) chose Mashit as a "label of the month" in October 2004. The records have also been receiving airplay on other BBC shows, in addition to shows on London's Resonance FM, and Ninja Tune's syndicated Solid Steel show.

He's been hard at work producing beats and remixes for other labels as well. His mix of the M.I.A. tune U.R.A.Q.T., was released on her Galang '05 single by XL Recordings, and his mixes of the tune Gone A Jail, by reggae legend Gregory Isaacs, were recently released on Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 sub-label Shockout.

His last release for Death$ucker (DSR14) was a solid 3 track EP of what can only be discribed as "Boston-bounce", a style pioneered by DJ C himself. His latest 12-inch features some tracks from the vault and a few new joints.

On the A side we have "Who Wah Seek Yo"; the infamous, until now unreleased bluegrass-core tune, with it's killer banjo licks. Following that is LXC's remix of the same tune, taking crystal clean drum & bass and giving the hillbilly treatment.

On the B side "Come Back Version" is another track from the DJ C vaults, this time cutting up jungle beats with large doses of reggae and dancehall thrown in for good measure. "Gi Mi Di Break" is a short track which would work well as a DJ tool. "It Gets Worse" is a bass-heavy downtempo number, delving into the murky dubstep genre, and features the world-renowned thereminist Pamelia Kurstin.

Cut in the UK for maximum dance floor pressure!


A1. Who Wah Seek Yo
A2. Who Wah Seek Yo (LXC's Whoo Hoo Mix)
B1. Come Back Version
B2. Gi Mi Di Break
B3. It Gets Worse (edit ft. Pamelia Kurstin)

More about LXC:

LXC is the man when it comes to hardcore drum'n'bass and weird electronics. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, he started making electronic music back in 1993 and has since made it to release tracks on labels such as Phantomnoise and Santorin. In 2003, his Alphacut Records imprint took off, hittin you with extreme d&b, breakcore, idm and further trash.

Artist: Pisstank
Title: Ravecore Anthems
Cat: DSR25 / VROCK012
Release Date: 7/05/07

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Pisstank has been releasing tracks since 1999, firstly Amiga-core fury for labels like Kool.Pop, 555 Recordings and Wabana.Ore. After taking a break for a few years to run the fantastic Irritant Records label (whose release roster has included the talents of Knifehandchop, Donna Summer, Kid606, DJ Scud, Hecate and many more) where he was supposed to release "Drunk on Cock", which then morphed into "Very Pleasure" by our main man Duran Duran Duran. But in addition to running this most fantastic of record labels, he also made extreme breakcore nosie shit for years and years before that. He returns in 2007 with a new line in ravecore.

On the A side "Punching" delivers a solid ravecore anthem, melting happy hardcore with gabber kicks and amen licks. Lightas at the ready…this one has been ripping up dancefloors on dubplate for a year now, and finally gets unleashed on the world. On the flip we get "Fucked", a classic slice of breakcore mashup, blending synthy rave stabs with tight vocals and even a bit of klesmar thrown in for good measure. But wait, the party isn't over yet, there's still "Bassbins"; an anthem so damn heavy you won't know what's hit you. This one must be heard to be believed!!!

This is a joint release with Jason Forrest's world renowned Cock Rock Disco label. Cut in the UK for maximum dance floor pressure!


A1. Punching
B1. Fucked
B2. Bassbins

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Goaty Fun!!!

What a fucking awesome night!!! just recovering now... Smashed

a BIG THANK YOU to all who played and raved and especially my fellow goat-herders in arms Ana and was a team effort, without you GOATLAB wouldn't be possible!! Well done!!! Slayer Slayer

The atmosphere was electric with smiles all round, and great music from everyone who played! Geisha were hard-to-the-core, Cdatakill was insane with his crazed beats (i think the crowd were a little bit confused at times Huh Two Thumbs). Soundbites held the crowd for his whole set, and like he said he wouldn't touch his laptop throughout his entire set, just using his Wii controller!!!). Microphyst made a blinding debut! Hoonboy was fast and furios, and Blam got the mosh pit going!! Anakissed blew us away with her visuals and Gusset's back room 7" set was hilarious Laugh Slayer the front room was having with Nim Chimpski warming up, Punksi on the gypsy vibe, Jay Nom smashed it once again, Dub Boy and Ironside murdered it, and my little bro Dj Ruk finished things off nicely! and not to forget Descend, his set in the back room was eclectic and his drapes made Tb2 look goatastic!!

here are some blurry photos i took on the night...we'll put some of the live sets up on next week!


photos by Emma...