Monday, November 26, 2007

GoatLab Returns for a Solstice Mash Up!

The GoatLab returns for a Yuletime, winter solstice mashup! on Friday 21st Decemeber 2007 @ The Croft, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Doors are from 10pm-4am. Entry is £4 b4 11, £5 after. Discounts for valiant efforts in the fancy dress department. The dress code is pagan / yule / goat. Also seeing as it's xmas and the first GoatLab party for ages, there will be loads of prizes and giveaways to be had, and a Guitar Hero competition in the Bar!!!

Main Room:

Shitmat (Planet Mu / Wrong Music)
The King of Mashcore returns to Bristol for yet another journey through the sounds of mashed up gabba rave hardcore Shitmat style.

Binray (Zod Records / Werk Discs)

Binray started out with a traditional analogue plus Atari setup thru a guitar amp in a cow shed in Devon, cutting up breaks and various plants as well as attacking kitchenware and farm machinery. After a stint of djing electronics and drum'n'bass around Bristol, he dropped out of the beatmatching loop, and spent a year away from the UK. Things got exciting upon his return, giving up his freedom and buying a proper computer in 2000 .Tuning into the interweb frequencies he got sucked into the code and playful chaos vortex areas of sound. Binray applies a nondiscrimatory policy to all sound, everything can be recycled and used however rubbish it might seem at first. A favourite moment is when highly ordered synthetic strucures are broken apart releasing energy and, as in explosive chemicals, (an earlier interest)."

Kilka Serco (ex Fruit of the Doom / Blast Furnace/ R-Logic)
A Brutally detuned and discharged onslaught of Sludgestep death-mental, shifting from blastbeat to breakbeat in the flick of a drumstick. Over layered with dark industrial sounds, gritty rhymes and guttural screams, Kilka Serco will rip you a new K-Hole.

Parasite (Death$ucker / Peace Off)
Parasite is the owner of the Death$ucker label and the fantastic online electronic music shop As Parasite he makes some brilliantly twisted ragga jungle that manages to sound extremely dark and yet incredibly funky at the same time. Check out his releases on Peace Off and Damage as well as what Death$ucker back catalogue you can get your hands on.

Anakissed (Death$ucker /
Death$ucker's VJ in residence and founder of the internet filmmaking website Performing a mish-mash-up of politically charged images and low-fi cinema, and pushing the realms of the visual jockey further are her trademark. She has accompanied Venetian Snares, The Bug, Soundmurderer and DJ Scud at the notorious Toxic Dancehall events in Bristol.

Gusset (Death$ucker)
Gusset have been scaring friends and punters alike since 1996, unleashing aural assaults at breakcore, techno and hip-hop nights around the city. Not to mention anywhere else that will have them, from Brighton to Madrid. They don't fit comfortably into any nice little pigeon hole and have a sound all of their own, but strangely no imitators. After a promising but stalled start as a low-fi Amiga 1200 toting indie band that made Portishead sound like the theme from My Little Pony, they regrouped and concentrated on a purely electronic offering. Their break came in 2002 when Death$ucker head-honcho Parasite booked them to support Fanny and Venetian Snares on board the good ship Thekla (the floating venue brought to Bristol by Vivian Stanshall as the Old Verity Showboat). Since then they have jumped at the opportunity to support any act their name sounds funny next to. They have a new CD coming out in November 2007 on Death$ucker Records with a bunch of their new tracks and remixes by Planet Mu's Shitmat and The Teknoist, Cock Rock Disco's Jason Forrest, Manchester's king of mash-up Hoonboy, V/Vm's hardoff (aka M-Pi), Parasite and Zod's Binray.

Jay Nom (Death$ucker)
Jay Nom is resident at the GoatLab parties, and can be heard out and about Bristol spinning some of the sickest dancefloor breakcore, ragga jungle and evil drum and bass around. His deck skills are worthy of the finest!

Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Bashout)
One of Bristol finest DJs and GoatLab resident, spinning anything from easy listening reggae bashment to 200 bpm jungle breakcore.

Front Bar:

Misoh (Get Raised / Donuts)
Misoh is the founder of Get Raised, a charity fundraiser night @ the Black Swan, where each one has raised over £2000.00 for kiddies in need! She also promotes a night called Hoedown, Bash! with The Bug & Loefah here in Bristol, and is resident DJ @ the H.E.N.C.H dubstep nights.

Dub Boy (Ruffnek Diskotek)
DJ Dub Boy is a Bristol based DJ (and co-promoter of Ruffnek Diskotek) currently playing a variety of sound-system musics aimed squarely at getting waists winding on the dancefloor. Over the last few years Dub Boy has blazed a trail on the Bristol club scene and beyond helping re-ignite Bristol's underground bass driven music scene. Playing what he has coined "Forward Thinking Bashment", Dub Boy is only confined by his mantra of spinning "riddim and bass".

The Juxtaposeur (Eclectic Kettle / West of Bastard)
The Juxtaposeur is co-promoter of Eclectic Kettle and co-founder of West Of Bastard, the first ever night dedicated to bootlegs & mash up in the West Country! He runs a monthly internet radio show Skip To The End, which won Podcast of the Month with Parasite on Beat-Boot-Ique in September! His next show in 25th October features Kid Carpet.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

GoatLab Radio with DJ/Rupture

The GoatLab radio show is back with special guest DJ/Rupture (Soot / Shockout). Check out some blinding unreleased dubplates from his new label Dutty Artz and some Death$ucker exclusives in the Radio section.

GoatLab Radio w/ Parasite & special guest DJ/Rupture - October 2007

  1. Modeselektor - 2000007 ft. TCC (BPitch Control)
  2. Cauto - Untitled (Dutty Artz -
  3. Electromeca - 202 (Death$ucker)
  4. DJ/Rupture & Andy Moor - live in France
  5. Milanese - Mr Bad News [Clark remix] (Planet Mu)
  6. DJ/Rupture & Shadetek - Reef w/ Anakissed reading the Rubaiyyat
  7. Dexplicit - Good For Me
  8. Maga Bo -Nqayi ft. Teba (Soot)
  9. Glowstyx - Heels of Steel (Cock Rock Disco)
  10. Patric C (The VIP) - Let There Be House (Death$ucker / Cock Rock Disco)
  11. The Bug - Skeng ft. Killa P & Flow Dan (Hyperdub)
  12. Influx - Still (Sapho)
Jace /Rupture, C.E.O. and Head Janitor of Mudd Up!, welcomes you to his bog. words, music, maplessness. please sink deep. Dutty Artz is the new movement, a label and family of like minded individuals living in Brooklyn. Created by DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek.

Free Death$ucker Sampler!!!

Have a listen to some Death$ucker classics and a few tracks that haven't even been released yet!!! Download here: Free_Death$


1. DJ Floorclearer - Let's Have It Cemetery Style (appears on D$R24)
2. The Teknoist - Galloping Gusset Inspection Remix (appears on D$R18)
3. Monster Zoku Onsomb - Dark Eyes Glow (appears on D$R17)
4. DJ C - Who Wah Seek Yo (appears on D$R23)
5. Pisstank - Punching (appears on D$R25)
6. Monkey Steak - Too Late (appears on D$R20)
7. Big Joan - Here Comes The Flood (appears on D$R19)
8. Acrnym - Whats Up Buttercup (appears on D$R21)
9. DJ Floorclearer - Over The Limit (appears of D$R16)
10. DJ C & Zulu - Ransom The Senator (appears on D$R15)
11. Aaron Spectre - Mordor (appears on D$R12)
12. Knifehandchop - Get Yourself Ready (appears on D$R14)
13. Soundbites - CrazyHyperShit (appears on D$R22)
14. Parasite - Goatrave Massive (appears on D$R14)
15. Big Joan - The Suckers Bug (My Ambulance Is On Fire Sucker's Bug '91 Remix) (appears on D$R19)