Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DSWAT.net Site Down!!!

DSWAT.net is currently offline due to the server company migrating the site to a new server. This work was due to be completed by 29th March 2009, but seems to be taking longer than expected. Please bear with us while we get this sorted. We will be back online ASAP!!!

In the meantime here's a recent Parasite DJ Mix to keep you happy:

Parasite - Battlegrounds Ravecore Mini Mix

Thursday, March 26, 2009

DSWAT.net New Releases 25 March 2009

It's been a long while since the last DSWAT newsletter, but we're back with a vengeance! Be sure to check out exclusive import releases from Japan's Murder Channel label with Cardopusher's new album "Unity Means Power" and DJ Technorch's "Boss On Parade Remixes" with shocking tracks from the likes of FFF, Soundbites, DJ Donna Summer, Luke's Anger and Cardopusher. Also from Japan, we have Himuro Yoshiteru's stunning new album "Welcome Myself", and fresh dubstep wax from the likes of Ena on IAI Recordings. On the dubstep tip there's two great new releases on Rag and Bone; Excision from Canada, and the mighty "Sick As Sin" from Cardiff based producer Stagga. This is some seriously hot bassline action!!!

If you haven't heard, I recently made a soundtrack and sound effects for a new Playstation 3 game called Savage Moon. It's a tower defence strategy game available in Europe and USA on the PSN (Playstation Network) download shop. Savage Moon is not currently available in Japan, so I decided to ask a few friends from Japan to remix the soundtrack in the hope that people there might like it enough to want to play the game. So if you live in Japan and like what you hear, please email Sony Japan at this address (https://www.jp.playstation.com/support/formSF/en/) and ask them to release Savage Moon in Japan! Download the remixes here: http://www.deathsucker.org/savage-moon-remixes/

This month’s Goatlab Radio Show is brought to you by Parasite, Dan Gusset, Anakissed and very special guest Sam Atki2 (one half of Monkey Steak)! Sam is here to celebrate the release of Monkey Steak’s latest EP on Sleazetone (that’s Chris Murderbot’s funky bad-ass disco label!) and the upcoming MONSTER BASS 2 party that is happening on Saturday 4th April 2009 @ the Black Swan in Bristol. The show also features some exclusive Death$ucker dubplate action and Savage Moon Remixes!!! http://www.thegoatlab.com/


Nirvus Wreckords presents SQUAT! @ Igloo, Nottingham UK - Friday 27th March 2009
Headlining Room One on our maiden voyage into dance floor destruction are Broken note (Ad Noiseam/ Peace Off/ Mindsaw). Our very own Nirvus Wrecks will be hosting Room One, with sets from Bass Molesta (Mutant Basscore/Industrial Noise/Freaky Rave Music), Stayfish (Underwater Dub/Seashantycore/Twisted Electronica) Weaselfist LIVE featuring Mobile Sheep Dip (Live InstruMENTALism/Freeform Jazz Noodlings/Glitch) and Klatta (Lo-Fi Alien Dub/Rave Step/Oldskool). Taking the reigns in Room 2 for the evening are Nottinghams premier Junglists RubberDub, with proper mash up sets from Da Griminal (Dirty Jungle/Drum + Bass), Mac (Oldskool/Dirty Jungle), Murdera (Nasty Oldskool Jungle), Yoshi (Stabaman Dubstep/Smooth Beats) and Siknote (Stabaman Dubstep).

Jungle Syndicate @ Chesters, Bristol UK - Friday 27th March 2009
Senor Scram and Twice 19 from Life4Land make their Bristol debut alongside locals Parasite (Death$ucker), Alkemy (Dissident), LXP (Battlegrounds), Sketch (Braindrop), Resinate (Jungle Syndicate), Raggamuffin & Sargy. http://www.myspace.com/junglesyndicate

Jigsore Sound System @ Chesters, Bristol UK - Friday 3rd April 2009
It's gunna be badman but who will play? humm... well we have Dr Bastardo (peace off, wrong music) - Live breakcore, The Squire of Gothos (electrostimulation, tiger bass, coin operated) - Live Bassline mashup, Wise (litmus/block weekend) - Breakcore, Raggacore, Hardcore turntabilism, Dj Irritant (punishment, malnutrition) - Ragga jungle, raggacore, aBOMBaNATION (tossers) - Ragga jungle, Mashup, Special Request (jigsore) - Ragga jungle, Slow Joe (Dave) - Hardcore, Hardtek, Breakcore, Merkin (jigsore) - Tearout, Hardcore. 10pm - 6am, Entry £5. http://jigsore.co.uk/

The Regime @ Volks Tavern, Brighton UK - Friday 3rd April 2009
Death$ucker's latest signing Kamerat Tord from Norway makes his UK debut alongside fellow Ars Dada (Cock Rock Disco) as part of their Northern Assault Bunny Tour.

New Releases!!!

Krumble - Homeless / The Real Life - 12" £6.00 (Jungle Therapy)

Stagga - Sick As Sin 12" £6.00

Excision - Wasted / Serious Business 12" £6.00

Ena - ADA-UCHI / CountryDub 7" £6.00

Himuro Yoshiteru - Welcome Myself CD £12.00

DJ Technorch - Boss On Parade Remixes CD £12.00

Cardopusher - Unity Means Power CD £12.00

Syntheme - Lasers 'n' Shit 2x12" £11.50

Syntheme - Vol. 3 - 12" £5.00

Syntheme - Vol. 2 - 12" £5.00

Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Earth Eaters [PROMO] 2LP £10.00

CDR - Nijigenfucking CDR £10.00

CDR - Ichigomilk EP CDR £10.00


King Cannibal - Call Me Cold Blooded - 12" £6.00

Kanji Kinetic - Shock Tactics EP - 12" £6.00

Stivs - Pirate Cutz 2x12" £10.50

CDR - Neo Ceder - CDR £10.00