Thursday, December 07, 2006

Massive DSWAT Winter Sale!!!

We're having a MASSIVE clear out at DSWAT to make way for more kick-ass tunes! The shelves are heaving under the weight of vinyl that would be better spent on your turntables! There are over a hundred selected items, with 10%-20% knocked off the usual price, including breakcore, dubstep, electronica and pretty much everything! Check out discounts on classic AFX Analord 12" vinyl, Kid606, Enduser, Sickboy, Doormouse, Hellfish, Team Shadetek, Otto Von Schirach, and much more... Check out the Specials section for a complete list of reduced titles.

New in this week!!! Shitmat has finally gone and released an album's worth of mash up on his own Wrong Music label "Hang The DJ", which we've got on CD and vinly. And strangely to coincide with this release, a box of Shitmat & Friends - Mashcore Malisha EP's landed unexpectedly on the doorstep. This record is as rare as snow in winter ( England anyway!), and we've got 10 copies on sale for the original price of £7...get in there fast!!! In keeping with the Wrong theme, Ebola has a new CD album on Sublight, and a new 12" out on the new Noize:Tek label, which is brought to us by the same guy who put out the Mashcore Malisha EP! Another Wrong-un is Dr Bastardo, whose latest release "When Dubplates Attack" is out on Peace Off now!

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