Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Soundbites Experience

Soundbites brings a 4 track absolutely ravetastic 12" to Death$ucker Records. The Prodigy mash-up extravaganza, absolutely illegal and forbidden...the way we like it!!!

Soundbites (aka Robert van Loghem) started out as a drum and bass DJ / producer together with his long-time friend DJ Westrum. It seemed these two were inseparable when they started listening to the pirate radio station XTC in the early 90’s. They bought hardcore and rave records and trashed a lot of family turntables trying to build up their DJ skills. After a quiet period of about three years, they got infected with LTJ Bukem’s “Logical Progression” and started buying drum and bass records. Slowly they worked their way up, first with their own night “Zeist”, but later on playing at various happenings in Utrecht (NL). Soundbites and Westrum were then hosts at the biggest monthly drum and bass night in the Netherlands “Structure” @ Tivoli. Soundbites is into breakcore, electro, IDM, Prodigy, Madonna….”it’s all lovely to muck around with”. This is Soundbites’ first vinyl release, and Death$ucker is delighted to have him on board. Get Soundbites - Experience - 12" @

A1. CrazyHyperShit
A2. Your Poison
B1. No Dance Start The Goods
B2. Fiyah!

This release has already been causing a bit of a stir on the HijackBristol forum. You can also have listen to Soundbite's Out Of Space mashup if you like :)


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