Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Electromeca & DJ Floorclearer Out Now!!!

D$R26: Electromeca - Brutal Funk EP - 12"

Since he discovered that FM-radio could sound way much better through his SP202, Electromeca didn't stop to cut-crush-distort-chop-chew-spit-reconstruct fat & dirty beats with a delicious guilty pleasure. That's it: James Brown driving a bulldozer through a wrecking yard, hectic B-Boys breakdancing in a puddle of motor oil, The Bomb Squad meets Russolo in a Z-movie disco-club, FM-radio harshbeats, dismantled stuttering beat-box, muddy boom-bap... Basically: hard & heavily damaged club music!


A1. Brutal Funk
A2. 202
B1. Competition
B2. Damaged Club Music

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D$R24 DJ Floorclearer - Goat Slaughterer EP - 12"

Floorclearer spews his latest 4 track 12" all over your face in large, meaty chunks. You may remember him from such record labels as Death$ucker, Wrong Music and his very own Proboscus Records where he demonstrated his ability to sink breakcore balls deep, right into your cranium. After spending a lot of time touring and rinsing it out everywhere from Krakow to Newcastle and performing at Wasted, Breakcore Gives Me Wood, GoatLab and Overkill he's finally found time to teleport some music at you at a high dangerously velocity. "Goat Slaughterer" mixes up new style drum n bass, Slayer, mosh breaks and punk guitars in DJ Floorclearer's unique style. This is the perfect antidote to a world full of gang violence, global warming, war and Noel Edmonds.


A1. Suffering
A2. Smell Awaits
B1. Lets Have It Cemetery Style
B2. Belgian Waffles

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