Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New GOATLAB Radio Show Online - December 2007

This month Dan Gusset & I had a surprise visit from Topher from France, who happened to be spending a few days in Bristol. Topher graced us with a 15 minute excerpt from a recent live set recorded in Nice. His unique brand of cut-up pop-electro (or "Absurd cultural mash-up bonanza mangled in breakbeat crossovers spawning shameless copyright infringements galore") is very dancefloor friendly, and I recommend you check his stuff out (especially his Ligeti tribute project with contributions from ยต-Ziq, HardOff, IJO, T-Toe and others). listen on...

Goatlab Radio with Parasite, Dan Gusset & special guest Topher (aka Tophee Cheesecake) - December 2007

  1. DJ Technorch - Japanese Hardcore (Ichiban is the Real Master of Hardcore Cardopusher Remix) (Murder Channel)
  2. Binray - Geisha Remix (unreleased)
  3. Stivs - Dustbinmen (Death$ucker)
  4. Alan Titmash - Turgid Gabba (Blunt Force Trauma)
  5. Tophee Cheesecake - Live set edit from 05.04.07
  6. Rusko - Cochney Thug (Sub Soldiers)
  7. Odan - Laindon Link (unreleased)
  8. The Gussets - Dirty Disco Sex Bitch

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