Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Parasite Interview on Belgrade's B92 Radio Station!

The Belgradeyard Sound System crew in Serbia will be broadcasting an interview with Parasite of Death$ucker Records on Tuesday 18th December 2007 (tonight!) @ 00:05 CET (that's 11:05 in the UK). The interview will also feature some music from the Death$ucker archive and a mix by Parasite. You can tune into the radio stream by going to www.b92.net/eng and clicking on the "Radio" link.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New GOATLAB Radio Show Online - December 2007

This month Dan Gusset & I had a surprise visit from Topher from France, who happened to be spending a few days in Bristol. Topher graced us with a 15 minute excerpt from a recent live set recorded in Nice. His unique brand of cut-up pop-electro (or "Absurd cultural mash-up bonanza mangled in breakbeat crossovers spawning shameless copyright infringements galore") is very dancefloor friendly, and I recommend you check his stuff out (especially his Ligeti tribute project with contributions from ยต-Ziq, HardOff, IJO, T-Toe and others). listen on...

Goatlab Radio with Parasite, Dan Gusset & special guest Topher (aka Tophee Cheesecake) - December 2007

  1. DJ Technorch - Japanese Hardcore (Ichiban is the Real Master of Hardcore Cardopusher Remix) (Murder Channel)
  2. Binray - Geisha Remix (unreleased)
  3. Stivs - Dustbinmen (Death$ucker)
  4. Alan Titmash - Turgid Gabba (Blunt Force Trauma)
  5. Tophee Cheesecake - Live set edit from 05.04.07
  6. Rusko - Cochney Thug (Sub Soldiers)
  7. Odan - Laindon Link (unreleased)
  8. The Gussets - Dirty Disco Sex Bitch


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Parasite @ UK Laptop Battle 5

Once again I get voted out in the 1st Round!!! Thankfully I went out to a worthy opponent; General Disarray, who said he would send me a demo for Death$ucker before kicking my ass on the night! Oh well, it was a good excuse to write some new tunes, as it's been far to long since last getting into the studio for anything that wasn't work related. Unfortunately Anakissed didn't get to VJ to my set due to lack of appropriate video cables to the projector. Nim Chimpski took these videos of the 1st round round to give you a little taste. Shot on his mobile phone, but you get the idea...

Round 1.1