Thursday, January 17, 2008

Belgradeyard Sound System - Death$ucker Special

Death$ucker Records is Bristol's original mashup label founded and run by breakcore artist Parasite. Launched with a CDR release attacking the Pop Idol TV program back in 2001: D$R 0.5 - Popstar Liberation Front Steal Our Song [CDr] "...To de-reconstruct the most popular insipid trash being drip-fed to brain-dead consumers everywhere, and the results are six bars of pure gold..." said one review. The breakthrough for the label came with the release of D$R 1.0, the mighty Bong-Ra's Riddim Wars 7" - and Death$ucker's first vinyl release which was played by the late, great John Peel and resulted in a sold out run. "Absolutely ace ragga-jungle-rave-gabba mash up of the highest order... said the reviews! Since then, Death$ucker has released tracks by some of the best names in breakcore - Venetian Snares, Sickboy, Shitmat, Ripley, DJ C, Monster Zoku Onsomb and of course Parasite himself.

"On the tonight’s show Parasite, the owner of the label, speaks exclusively for BGYSS. what about the past, present and future of breakcore? You can look for the answers from one of the pioneers of the scene. Besides his live mix, you will hear a number of older and fresh releases from D$. Killer tunes which won’t leave you flat. Stay tuned, tonight after midnight!"

Listen to the show here: BGYSS-19-12-07_(Death$ucker_showcase).mp3

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