Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Death$ucker Release: Krumble - Nasty Nasty 12" OUT THIS WEEK!!!

DSR29 Krumble - Nasty Nasty 12"

Krumble (aka The Disco Breaker) brings his unique blend of choppy breakcore and cut-up jungle bass terror to Death$ucker with two dancefloor killers "Time To Burn" and "Fucking Hostile". Having previous releases on French labels Peace Off, Damage, Jungle Therapy and Bristol's Jungletek Movement, Krumble takes raggacore to a new level!!! Artwork by INKCORE from Venezuela! He also did the artwork for DSR14 Knifehandchop & Parasite 12". Check out his work here: www.inkclear.net & www.myspace.com/inkcore

Track List:

A. Time To Burn
B. Fucking Hostile

More from Krumble:

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