Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Death$ucker Release: Stivs - Pirate Cutz 2x12" OUT THIS WEEK!!!

DSR30 Stivs - Pirate Cutz 2x12"

Stivs (Life4Land) is back, with an 8 track double 12" album (the 1st for Death$ucker!) featuring some of the finest ragga-jungle, breakcore and wonkstep EVER! Solid production skills and heavy basslines make this a sure-fire hit!!! Limited to 300 copies worldwide! Cut in the UK for maximum dancefloor pleasure!

"ragga breakcore of the highest quality" (broklyn beats)

"hard-edged ragga vocals slammed against a wall of drums" (boomkat)


A1. I Ain't Working No More
A2. Strangers
B1. Respect Seen
B2. Bermuda Green
C1. Spar Stores
C2. Nuttin A Gwarn
D1. Slew RMX (by DSC)
D2. Big Tune (with Pieface)

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b3n said...

why is the Stivs-Live@GOATLAB-Feb2008.mp3 clipping so bad? Cant even listen to it its so bad.