Friday, November 17, 2006

Bristol Breakcore Scene

It struck me last night as I was head-nodding to the wildly intense sounds of Xanopticon @ Plummet, that Bristol has no real central point for it's thriving Breakcore scene. Sure, there are forums like Hijack Bristol and Choke who feature a wealth of information on a broader musical spectrum, but with so many nights going on, there's no way for artists / promoters / punters looking for gigs in Bristol to find out what's going on. So, I've taken it upon myself as a pusher of this extreme brand of musical madness to inform and connect the scene via this here blog:

I've added a few extra links on the blog page for crews / sound systems throwing parties in Bristol and also a bunch of artists, DJs, VJs and record labels who are based in Bristol. If you'd like to be added to the list, or have a suggestion for a night or band from Bristol, just add your comments to the post!

Back to Plummet...I arrived late due to a babysitting crisis, so missed Atki2 doing his live dubstep thing, but got there just as breackore legend Xanopticon was warming up the few people who braved the dancefloor for his sonic assault. What followed was a mind-blowing gabba-fied breakcore set to make Venetian Snares quake in his loafers! I have heard Ryan's stuff before on CD and meet him at last year's Wasted 2 party, but was not expecting the adrenaline rush or the unrelenting energy that he brought to the dancefloor. Unfortunately his laptop crashed just before he got a chance to play his last two tracks, which according to him were the best yet!

It's a real shame to experince such wonderful music without the crowd and atmosphere that it deserves. A Bristol debut like this should be packed out with people bouncing off the walls! Hopefully this blog will do just that! So spread the word, and let me know what's going down.

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