Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Electric Birdland

Yesterday I went to Liquid Mastering in London with Sam (aka Atki2) from Monkey Steak to cut the new "Electric Birdland" 12" EP for Death$ucker (DSR20). We met Jon (the other half of Monkey Steak), who managed to bunk off work for the afternoon to attend the cut. The lathe had been out of action for a few weeks, so Nick the studio engineer (who has cut the last seven Death$ucker releases to date!) was delighted to have it in working order again. It facinates me to think that this is cutting edge vinyl technology and it's 25 years old! Will they still be using analogue lathes in 25 years time? I guess it ultimately depends on the demand for vinyl as a music medium. So come on people, support vinyl culture!!!

Anyway the cut went really well! The A side of the EP features two tracks of jungle sweatness "Too Late" and "Toxic RIP VIP", the later a tribute to the late Toxic Dancehall (probably the UK's best ever breakcore my slightly biased opinion ;). The B side is a more 2 step garage / grime flavoured affair, "Black Milk" and "Gaza Stripclub" have Monkey Steak flexing their bass muscles, proving that its not all about junglism. The release also features superb artwork by my bro John, check his stuff out at Hopefully "Electric Birdland" will be ready for it's launch at the next GoatLab party! Have a listen to "Too Late" on Death$ucker MySpace.

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