Thursday, November 23, 2006

DSWAT New Releases 24 Nov 2006

New in this week is the awesome Warrior Queen (best known for her live sets with The Bug and her "Almighty Father" dubstep track with Skream) 12" on Senseless Records from Leeds. Soot11 is the vinyl follow-up to Filastine’s blinding "Burn It" album from earlier this year. And we have a series of 7" releases on Planet Mu, one by label boss Mike Paradinas under his Jake Slazenger moniker. Also got restocks of some MathHead stuff: The Most Lethal Dance 12" featuring remixes by Aaron Spectre and Drop The Lime, and Dirty Deeds 12" on Terminal Dusk. NEXT WEEK WINTER SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Miss This!!! The GoatLab - Friday 1 December 2006 - Timbuk 2, Small St, Bristol UK - 10pm-4am
* Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre, Ad Noiseam/Cock Rock Disco)
* Tim Exile (Planet-Mu)
* Monkey Steak (Death$ucker / Punch Drunk)
* Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards (Electronica / Grindcore / Metal)
* Parasite (Death$ucker / Peace Off)
* Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Dissident)
* Dub Boy (Ruffnek Diskotek)
* Jay Nom (Death$ucker)
* Nim Chimpski (Bad Planet)
£5 in fancy goat wear. £6 b4 11pm, £7 after. Tickets are available from DSWAT and DMT Records (Stokes Croft). FFi:

New Releases!!!

Sarantis feat. Warrior Queen - More Than Money EP - 12" £6.50
Filastine - Burn It EP - 12" £5.50
Jake Slazenger - Pewter Dragon - 7" £4.25
Jo Apps - Kausikan / Kawaii Guy - 7" £4.25
Julian Fane - The Moon Is Gone / Rattle - 7" £4.25
Math Head - The Most Lethal Dance - 12" £6.50
Math Head - Dirty Deeds - 12" £6.50
Bong Ra - Old-Skool Armageddon - 7" £15.00

There's more at

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GoatLab Radio Show

I finally made it into the studio last night to record a long overdue GoatLab radio show. We somehow managed to miss the month of October! Must have been recovering from the last GoatLab party. Anyway check out the latest radio broadcast. This months features tracks by Drumcorps, Warst, Jahba, an exclusive unreleased track by Venetian Snares (doing dub a version of Black Sabbath!!!) and a new Prodigy mashup by Soundbites coming soon to Death$ucker Records! Theres also Part 1 of 606's Personal History of Breakcore, and of course all the ususal nonsense and musical eclectivity from Anakissed, Parasite and 606. Follow the link - download the show!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bristol Breakcore Scene

It struck me last night as I was head-nodding to the wildly intense sounds of Xanopticon @ Plummet, that Bristol has no real central point for it's thriving Breakcore scene. Sure, there are forums like Hijack Bristol and Choke who feature a wealth of information on a broader musical spectrum, but with so many nights going on, there's no way for artists / promoters / punters looking for gigs in Bristol to find out what's going on. So, I've taken it upon myself as a pusher of this extreme brand of musical madness to inform and connect the scene via this here blog:

I've added a few extra links on the blog page for crews / sound systems throwing parties in Bristol and also a bunch of artists, DJs, VJs and record labels who are based in Bristol. If you'd like to be added to the list, or have a suggestion for a night or band from Bristol, just add your comments to the post!

Back to Plummet...I arrived late due to a babysitting crisis, so missed Atki2 doing his live dubstep thing, but got there just as breackore legend Xanopticon was warming up the few people who braved the dancefloor for his sonic assault. What followed was a mind-blowing gabba-fied breakcore set to make Venetian Snares quake in his loafers! I have heard Ryan's stuff before on CD and meet him at last year's Wasted 2 party, but was not expecting the adrenaline rush or the unrelenting energy that he brought to the dancefloor. Unfortunately his laptop crashed just before he got a chance to play his last two tracks, which according to him were the best yet!

It's a real shame to experince such wonderful music without the crowd and atmosphere that it deserves. A Bristol debut like this should be packed out with people bouncing off the walls! Hopefully this blog will do just that! So spread the word, and let me know what's going down.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Electric Birdland

Yesterday I went to Liquid Mastering in London with Sam (aka Atki2) from Monkey Steak to cut the new "Electric Birdland" 12" EP for Death$ucker (DSR20). We met Jon (the other half of Monkey Steak), who managed to bunk off work for the afternoon to attend the cut. The lathe had been out of action for a few weeks, so Nick the studio engineer (who has cut the last seven Death$ucker releases to date!) was delighted to have it in working order again. It facinates me to think that this is cutting edge vinyl technology and it's 25 years old! Will they still be using analogue lathes in 25 years time? I guess it ultimately depends on the demand for vinyl as a music medium. So come on people, support vinyl culture!!!

Anyway the cut went really well! The A side of the EP features two tracks of jungle sweatness "Too Late" and "Toxic RIP VIP", the later a tribute to the late Toxic Dancehall (probably the UK's best ever breakcore my slightly biased opinion ;). The B side is a more 2 step garage / grime flavoured affair, "Black Milk" and "Gaza Stripclub" have Monkey Steak flexing their bass muscles, proving that its not all about junglism. The release also features superb artwork by my bro John, check his stuff out at Hopefully "Electric Birdland" will be ready for it's launch at the next GoatLab party! Have a listen to "Too Late" on Death$ucker MySpace.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Collector Section on DSWAT has just launched it's new collector section with some rare early breakcore releases. Check out classics like Bong-Ra's Peel Session 12" on Death$ucker Records, Venetian Snares' Moonglow 7" on Addict, Droon's Hold The West In Hand 7" on Wood / Audiobot (new, but damn hard to find!) and KGB Kid's Sublime Lion / Any Bwoy Test 7" on Clash Records.

Have a look at the full list here: DSWAT Collector's Vinyl.

Friday, November 10, 2006 New Releases 9 Nov 2006

This week sees the release of the latest offering from Bong-Ra’s Kriss label (named after his cat!). Listen to tracks from Scotch Vader featuring the crazy Brighton-Japan based Gameboy maestro DJ Scotch Egg! This little beauty also features remixes by Ove-NaXx and Bong-Ra. Also in early next week will be a Mirex restock and the new 12" compilation "Gully Gotham Grit Vol.1" with trax by MathHead, Mad EP, Submerged and Gameboy freak Bit Shifter. If you're into the 8 bit styles check out the new Ketacore 12" with more Bit Shifter action!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

DJ C's Bush Mix

It's an interesting time for US politics with the recent landslide victory for the Democrats in the House of Representatives, the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, and it looks like the Republicans are going to lose the Senate as well! To celebrate DJ C has compiled a special Bush mix which features tracks by Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Jahba, Sage Francis and Aaron Spectre! Download DJ C's Bush mix.

If you haven't heard it already, check out DJ C & Zulu's "Ransom The Senator" 12" on Death$ucker Records. It's a perfect blend of basslines, beats and mindful lyrics in DJ C's very own Boston bounce style. Listen to tracks on DSWAT. And if you think that's good, check out DJ C feat. Zulu - Animal Attraction - 7" . Also look out for a DJ C full length album joint released by Death$ucker and Mashit in the near future!

Warrior Dubz & STFU

Last Friday I went down to Dubloaded @ Native with Anakissed, Bong-Ra and crew to see Mary-Anne Hobbs and The Bug launching the new Warrior Dubz 4LP on Planet Mu. Have a listen to Warrior Dubz on DSWAT and see what you think. I wasn't overly excited by the tracklisting due largely to my addiction to hard-ass breakcore, but there are a few sick dubz worth checking, namely Benga – ‘Music Box’, Digital Mystikz feat. Spen G – ‘Anti-War Dub’ and The Bug feat Flowdan – ‘Jah War’.

I had a brief chat with Mary-Anne after her DJ set (which was the best of the night in my opinion) about how she came to be the prophet of Dubstep, and she said it all started through contact with DJ Pinch in Bristol! DJ Pinch runs the Dubloaded nights alongside his record label Tectonic (not to forget his Subtext label which featured the first ever Vex'd vinyl releases!) and has produced some heavy dubstep tunes, including a remix for Monkey Steak!!! Check out his Planet Mu releases on DSWAT. I also spoke to Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) about doing some tracks for Death$uckr, to which he replied "I'm currenlty working on 3 albums", one of which will be released on Ninja Tune, which is an interesting turn for the well-known melow-jazz-funk label. Unfortunately we didn't stay to hear Kevin's set as my crew were begging me to go home...and we had a heavy night planned for STFU & Rave @ Black Swan the following night.

High Pressure Soundsytem (aka Greg) was at Dubloaded in full fact the bass was so heavy we couldn't stay on the dancefloor for very long due to vibrating internal organs! Greg has been hassling me to let him rig out the next GoatLab with Drumcorps party on 1st Decemebr for free!!! now how can I argue with that?

BIG UP Mary-Anne Hobbs and The Bug!!! and be sure to check out her Breezeblock show on Radio 1, where she has been known to drop a few Death$ucker jams from time to time.

New Parasite Website!!!

I have just uploaded the new Parasite website! It's a content managed thing, so there'll be regular updates and stuff to downloads and rock out to. There is a DJ of mine from the first GoatLab night on September 29 for download, featuring tracks by Aaron Spectre, General Malice, Pisstank and even some by me!!! Also you can check out some of the arty projects I've worked on in the past.